Welcome to My Small Corner of the World

I'm Kelly and I'm a sarcastic, quiet, introspective, coffee-addicted, wannabe-runner and I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband Taylor. He is my opposite in every way - the loud to my quiet, the sweet to my savory, the technical to my creative - and yet, we find common ground in Jesus, coffee, books, loving the Pacific Northwest, and our biting senses of humor.

Oak & IVy

Is a lifestyle blog rooted in the Pacific Northwest. It's my hope that here we can have honest talk about food, faith, relationships, natural living, home decorating, and anything in between.

I love the imagery of Oak & Ivy. Ivy - natural, lush, growing upwards in a positive direction and Oak - strong, sturdy, supportive. It's my hope that this is a place where we can learn to be more of those things together. Welcome.