Free and Easy Friday

Happy Friday! Growing up, Fridays were the days my mom and I kicked up our feet and really settled into the weekend. We'd always always order take out, get into our pajamas the minute we got home, and watch at least one movie or 4 episodes of a show we were into at the moment. Fridays have always been a cause to celebrate for me - a day to be proud of the week that came before me and settle into a few days of rest and rejuvenation. A day of free and easy livin'.  

One of my favorite things is sharing things I love with people I love. So every Friday, I'm going to share five things that are pretty, enriching my days, challenging my heart, or all of the above! Here's the inaugural post of what I'll always call, Free and Easy Friday.

1. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey podcast. If I could only recommend one thing for the next year, it would be this. I now look forward to my commutes! This podcast gives me all of the good feels. Each week, Jamie sits down with other Christian women who are authors, speakers, pastors, business women and some are all of those roles rolled into one! You can download it for free on iTunes and some of my favorites are with Jen Hatmaker and Shauna Niequist (for all of the obvious reasons). 

2. This candle. I'm a sucker for candlelight. I think it's because in college, I always lived in places that didn't allow burning candles. When Taylor and I moved into our first apartment, they didn't allow them either and I was devastated! Now that we live in our own space, I burn one almost every night! This one is the perfect scent to transition between winter and spring!

3. Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance. Memoirs are my favorite genre and this one is so raw. It covers topics like poverty and education, upward mobility and the haunts of our pasts that never really leave us. I so recommend this book! 

4. Culinary docu-series. I literally don't care which one. If there's food and it's being filmed with a voice over, I will sit my butt and never leave. Some of my favorites are Anthony Bourdain and Chef's Table.

5. Pearl earrings. I'm no fashionista or trend forecaster, but I'm fairly certain that with the onslaught of The Crown (I'm obsessed, I'm obsessed, I'm obsessed), pearls may or may not make a comeback. I love this modern take on the pearl earring (but LOL on the price).

May your pj's be waiting for you, your Netflix cued, and a nice glass of wine poured to ring in the weekend.